Have Fun in the Snow – Blizzard of 2015

After the heavens opened and the blizzard of 2015 left its mark, it is safe to say this white stuff is going to stick around for awhile. We have no choice but to embrace it (literally) and have fun in the snow. Danna Bananas has compiled a few cool ideas to make play time in the great, cold outdoors fun and exciting!

We all need shelter in this world to survive. Warmth is one of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Not only do we need shelter from the environment but we need protection from that spur of the moment snow fight so building a wall is an essential shield to protect one self. The Sno-Brick Maker is not only perfect for creating snow forts, sculptures and igloos in the wintertime but need we say it is ideal for building sand castles in the summertime beach and the yard. This Year round outdoor fun toy is light and durable.

Once you lay down your foundation for your snow fort, the next step is to decorate it and give it some ‘home sweet home’ personality. With the invention of Sno-Markers, you can decorate with a variety of colours. They are liquid crayons that will revolutionize fun activities in the snow. What’s your favourite colour? Choose from a varying ray of colours: blue, green, orange or red. Need some entertaining ideas to combat those, “I am bored blues”? Sno-Markers are also perfect for your inner artist or a budding young artist. You can create coloured, wintery masterpieces directly in the snow. Play some fun games like Tic-tac-toe or Hopscotch. The choices are endless with this creative invention. They are safe and non-toxic.


Frosty, a jolly happy soul, with a corncob pipe and a button nose” made building snowmen cool back in the day but with the 2014 introduction of the character, “Olaf” in “Frozen“, we are safe to say snowmen are still cool and are here to stay. The Sno-Man Kit is fun box of surprises and crafty supplies to help dress up your snowperson so they are as cute as can be.


Kickstart your wild imagination with Sno-Stompers. Stomp and roar making tracks like a dinosaur in the snow. They easily snap over boots and shoes. The Sno-Stompers are easy to take on and off and could also be used during summertime for making footprints in the sand. When your neighbours are not looking, why not leave tracks and keep them guessing.

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