Happy Victoria Day!

Reign: 20 June 1837 – 22 January 1901
Queen Victoria was originally named Alexandrina Victoria at birth, but preferred to go by her second name Victoria, or the nickname Drina. She ascended to the throne at age 18 in 1837 and was the first sovereign to take up residence at Buckingham  Palace.
She is known as the Mother of Confederation.
Queen Victoria's birthday (May 24) was chosen because loyalty to the Crown was a common trait that distinguished us from the United States.

Queen Victoria's passing in 1901, the holiday was established as an enduring tribute to her. Sir Wilfrid Laurier opted for the name Victoria Day to sidestep any imperialist connotations, such as "Victorian Empire Day" or "Queen's Birthday," in order to prevent discord among Francophones.

From the 1920s onward, Francophones began referring to the day as Fete de Dollard, commemorating an early settler of New France. In 2002, Quebec designated National Patriots' Day as a public holiday instead of Victoria Day, paying homage to those who participated in the Lower Canada Rebellion.

Victoria Day remained on a fixed date until 1952 when it was moved to the last Monday before May 25th. In 2013, a petition emerged to rename the day Victoria & First People's Day. Presently, Canada stands as the sole nation with an official holiday dedicated to commemorating Queen Victoria.

Queen Victoria was multilingual - she spoke fluent English and German from a young age, as well as French, some Italian, and Latin. Her mother was German, so she initially only spoke German until age 3.
During her 63-year reign, there were eight documented assassination attempts made on Queen Victoria's life, though none were successful.
The attempts ranged from pistols loaded with gunpowder instead of bullets, to being struck on the head with a cane.
Her husband Prince Albert did have a keen interest in science and technology, which influenced Victoria to take an interest in technological advances of the era.
Queen Victoria's favourite drink was a peculiar combination of claret (a dry red wine) mixed with Scotch whisky.
The real object of Her Majesty's affection was far more proper - a good ol' cuppa tea.
This tea-totaling monarch didn't just sip it - she revolutionized afternoon tea, nibbling shortbread with Earl Grey. 
Well, it seems Her Majesty's tea mania has trickled down through the centuries and spawned some delightfully whimsical creations!
I'm picturing Victoria's face if presented with, say, the Tongue In Cup Tea Infuser - that cheeky little tongue would surely have her clutching her pearls.
Or imagine her reaction to the Kittea Tea Infuser, with an adorable feline quite literally steeped in her beloved Earl Grey.
Perhaps she'd find it equally endearing and appalling. As for the Go With The Flow Two For Tea Manatea Mug, I can't decide if Victoria would deem it genius or sacrilege to combine tea with...more tea?
Yet perhaps sipping Earl Grey from a hippo's (Hippo Tea Infuser) backside is just the irreverent act to finally crack her up? 
In any case, these modern tea novelties would no doubt be a source of great amusement.
God save the Queen!

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