Happy 4th Cannabis Legalization Anniversary

Four years ago today, (October 17, 2018) cannabis became legal across Canada. Many Canadians rejoiced at the news. Flash-back...here's our blog post from back then. Our current and then Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will forever be memorialized as the man who campaigned on the promise to end criminalization, allowed small person possession, and paved the way for a regulated and legalized market. And for once a politician followed through on his promise and got it done. In his honour, there are several strains named after him...Trudope. Four years later, it is nice to see the USA following suit with a similar federal decree.

To celebrate, instead of consuming some cannabis today, (it is a weeknight after all ;-) there are a number of other ways you can also celebrate the occasion:

  • Cannabis Gift Bags - Cannabis gift bags are perfect for any occasion. Whether you're giving them out at a party or just want to give a nice present, these are great options. I've always said we have gifts for every occasion.
  • Cannabis Cooking - Edibles are all the rage and a delicious way to enjoy cannabis. A must have for any weed lover who spends time in the kitchen is our "The Food has Weed In It Oven Mitt". Imagine taking out a fresh batch with this stylish mitt protecting your hand.
  • Weed Decorations - Decorations are always fun! From candles to magnets, they make great gifts for friends and family. 
  • Cannabis Coffee Mugs - Coffee mugs are a great way to enjoy your favorite beverage while showing off your love for cannabis! 
  • Cannabis Journals - Journals are a great way to keep track of your experiences with cannabis.
  • Cannabis Art - Art is a great way to express yourself and share your passion for cannabis. There are many different ways to do art with cannabis, including painting, drawing, and even jewelry. We have Paint By Numbers Kit PeoniesPaint By Numbers Kit Lakeside Village and Sketch & Sniff Scented pencils to help get you started, sorry no weed scent ;(
  • Cannabis Stickers - Stickers are a fun way to let people know about your love for cannabis. They are small enough to put anywhere, and they make great conversation starters. 
  • Trudeau Socks - Honour the PM who made it all happen with these stylish socks. He's known to have a good sock game himself so I'm sure he'd approved, of the socks and the weed too. Enjoy!

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