Happy Birthday Prince!

 June 7th is Prince's Birthday

"I'm not a womanI'm not a manI am something that you'll never understandI'll never beat youI'll never lieAnd if you're evil I'll forgive you by and by, 'cause
You, I would die for you, yeahDarling, if you want me tooYou, I would die for you... "
Prince was a versatile musician, mastering rock, R&B, funk, and psychedelic rock. On June 7, we also honour him and his artistic legacy. As a prolific songwriter, he created some of our most beloved classic hits (cue the 1980s!), such as “Purple Rain," the one above, “1999,” "Raspbery Beret," “Little Red Corvette.” etc. Etc. Born in Minneapolis in 1958, he remained in his hometown throughout his career. Prince not only wrote and starred in the 1984 hit movie "Purple Rain" but also created its iconic soundtrack. 
Introducing the "Nothing Compares 2U" 500 Piece Prince Puzzle. This puzzle is a perfect way for fans to connect with his legacy while enjoying a fun and engaging activity.

Nothing Compares 2U 500 Piece Prince Puzzle

Enjoy this unique puzzle as part of a special gift bundle with other novelty gifts, perfect for any Prince lover

Banana Box 1


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