Halloween Party Planning

With October here, that means Halloween is right around the corner. The countdown is definitely on. This holiday is always a favourite amongst a lot of folks. Are you hosting a Halloween party this year? Do you will want to plan the perfect party but need a few orange and black festive tips? Danna Bananas has some ideas for your bash(monster mash).

Halloween Party Planning Tricks

To throw a boo-tiful party, you want to set the tone with invitations stating costumes are  encouraged. What’s a Halloween party without having everyone dressing up, right? Let me tell you, of course there will be a few party poopers who straggle in with plain clothes on.  Are they too cool to dress up? Well that’s their problem if they are. What you can do is have some Halloween costumes on hand. As a host, supply some costumes at your entrance. Emergency Outfits – Spooky will do the job of instantly transforming a regular clothed person into either a  Vampire, a Witch, a Zombie, a Skeleton or a Werewolf. They are also perfect for the unexpected guest as well.

Halloween party planning with Emergency Costumes

Need another quick disguise for that booorrring costumeless guest? Awesome Party Beards, the name itself says it all will always spruce up someone’s face with a coloured beard. This pack of 8 beards will the let the party animal out – grrrrr

Halloween party planning with Costume Beards

Impress your party goers with drink accoutrements of the creepy bloody sort. The Cold Blooded Ice Cube Tray will add some bite to your beverages.

Halloween party planning with Vampire Teeth Ice Cubes

If zombies are your thing this year and “The Walking Dead” is your go to theme, introducing the attack of the 3D Zombie Hand Ice Mould.

Halloween party planning with Zombie Ice Cubes

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