Halloween Makeup Tips That Will Scare The **** Out Of You!

Leaves have turned into a canvas of colour and there is crispness in the air. This means the countdown is on for the most fun holiday. Are you heading to a costume party where there is a prize for best costume on Halloween? Check out these tips to make your face frightening and then some. Makeup is an easy way to take your appearance from spooky to spook-tacular. In some cases, you don’t even need a costume. The face scares all. Mental Floss has put together a guide of some pop culture characters for you to create.  The first image is Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. You don’t need to be a beautician to instantly transform yourself  with these tips. Just some time and patience.



If your wish is to hang out with the undead, why not replicate a zombie from The Walking Dead. The gloopy, runny blood makeup effects will be mindblowing. Don’t hesitate get your creative juices flowing!


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