Halloween Costumes

Novelty Halloween Costumes

When Halloween rolls around, you want to be prepared with all things scary and fun. Good news Danna Bananas has you covered with Halloween costumes, Halloween novelties, Halloween decorations, Halloween decor and spooky gifts. We have sourced out fun, unique and novel gift ideas that will get you in the mood for this Halloween season.
Of course when you dress up, you want to be different and you want to stand out. We have compiled a list of very unique costume ideas for young and old and for you furry child too.

Spooky Emergency Outfits

If you are looking for a quick fix, Emergency Outfits are perfect for you. In your box, you can choose from Vampire, Witch, Zombie, Skeleton and Werewolf or you can wear them all in one night. All you need to do is don an outfit, accessorize and your Halloween costume is complete!
Spooky Emergency Outfits at Danna Bananas

Scot in the Box

 A lover of Hagis, kilt wearer, a deadpan style of humour, who wouldn’t want to dress up like a Scot and have people guess if you’re wearing your kilt properly. Try the Scot in the Box this Halloween.
Scot In The Box

Where’s Waldo Apron

Need to switch it up this year and find a fun costume instead of scary one? Answer the age old question, “Where’s Waldo?”. Dress in the Where’s Waldo Apron, add a toque and voila you are transformed into the iconic character. Don’t get lost in the crowd!
Wheres Waldo Apron at Danna Bananas

Chill Baby Mustache Pacifier

Transform your baby into a dapper gentleman with Chill Baby Lil’ Shaver Mustache Pacifier! This novel idea won’t only dress your little one up for Halloween but it will help soothe the savage beast too! :) Guaranteed a laugh or two!

 Chill Baby Pacifier

I’m Naked Under this Shirt – Dog Tee

The I’m Naked Under this Shirt – Dog Tee will pawsitively be perfect for your furry child!
 I'm Naked Under This Shirt Dog T-Shirt

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