Haha, of the day - This Woman Makes Me Laugh! 😂

As March is Women's History Month, let us laugh at the memorable Saturday Night Live character Sally O'Malley, who likes to kick, stretch, and kick. Her catchphrase was, "I like to kick, stretch, and KICK!! I'm 50!!"

Sally O'Malley first appeared on SNL in 1999 and quickly became a fan favorite due to Molly Shannon's comedic timing and energetic performance.

Let me tell you, I tried pilates about 10 years ago. I decided to switch it up and take a break from yoga. Often times, the recommended breathing for yoga and pilates is completely opposite. I did both, so I ended up confusing myself, and that led me to bust out into uncontrollable giggling. Although the teacher was great, I knew at the time that Pilates wasn't for me.

Why am I telling you this, you ask? Well, Molly Shannon, or rather, Sally O'Malley, of course! She shows us age doesn't matter! Her character is a celebration of women of all ages embracing their passions and staying active and vibrant throughout their lives. She's a testament to the fact that age is just a number and that it's never too late to pursue your interests or have fun.

That's wisdom, and Pilates is where it's at! 😂

This never gets old. 😂 


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