Haha, of the Day, Courtesy of Victoria!

“It’s my birthday weekend, bitches!” yelled the diminutive, impossibly old Queen in her thick German accent. Ha Ha! 


Queen For The Day Inflatable Crown

Hearken, all ye ladies of noble heart and spirit! Step forth into the realm of regal grandeur with the Queen For The Day Inflatable Crown. A diadem most fitting for me and all other queens alike, who rule the hearts of friends and family! Most perfect for celebrations of birth, bachelorette merriment, and all manner of joyous occasions, this whimsical crown shall bestow upon thee the air of true royalty. Novelties such as these doth bringeth great delight! Merely inflate the shimmering jewels and behold! - thou art anointed as queen for a day! Let the mirthful revelries and novelties commence! 👑

via The Beaverton

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