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I experienced my first bout of grief at the age of 10 when my father died. Although I didn't cry, I played the game, Cat's Cradle, continuously. Not wanting to return to school (with the support of my mom and the school, I didn't for a year), the sadness sure trickled through my veins. No one knew how to deal with grief back then. Thank goodness for my mom's constant search for help. She found a child art therapist in Willowdale (Yonge and Sheppard). Going to an art therapist at the age of ten is something I will never forget to this day. Thinking back—externalizing my feelings rather than just internalizing them—allowed me to separate myself and my identity, and then when I did, art and music helped me to work through losing my dad at such a young age.

Thank you, Susan ( I won't forget your name) for providing a caring space! With your help, I learned to face my loss and muddle through it.

I think about my dad almost daily. I return to the cemetery where he was laid to rest every so often. There's a long list of things I wish I could have experienced with him. I'm not going to say "life isn't fair," as my mom taught me at a very young age not to say that. 

As other loved ones have passed, I am walking a daily path of anticipation and appreciation for events like this. This is moving beyond my capacity for words.

As we are all touched by death, check this out!

Good Mourning Festival

Evergreen’s first ever Good Mourning Festival will take place over two days – November 4 and 5. Day 1 is a NEW event at the Brick Works titled Together in Grief and Day 2 is our annual Day of the Dead Celebration.

The festival aims to bring different communities and cultures together to celebrate, commemorate and share experiences of death and grief. The festival invites the public to come together to reclaim death as a special part of life. There will be a diverse array of workshops, food, shopping, art installations, walks and more that you won’t want to miss. See below for details on each day.

Saturday Nov 4 - Day 1: Together in Grief


Day 1: Together in Grief
On November 4, together, we will demonstrate the role of public space in public grief. We invite our visitors to explore the universal themes of grief and death with open hearts and open minds. The day offers a warm embrace, featuring interactive installations that invite you to engage, workshops that encourage meaningful conversations and art pieces that celebrate the human experience.

Come and be part of this inviting space where you can connect with others, share your stories and find comfort in the shared journey of life and loss. We extend a heartfelt invitation to all, as we come together to explore these profound aspects of our existence in a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, fostering understanding and connection.

Day 2: Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
Evergreen’s beloved Day of the Dead celebration is back! Día de los Muertos is celebration of Mexican and Latin American culture where people welcome back the souls of their deceased relatives for a brief reunion. Expect to see an explosion of colour and activities for children and adults alike. It incorporates traditional Mexican and Latin American celebrations, shopping, fun family activities and delicious food and drink. Let’s celebrate the cultural diversity of our city at Día de los Muertos together on November 5!

Who is it for?
All ages


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