Generations: Part Three

Millennial Generation: Born 1981 to 1996

More rarely referred to as Generation Y, this generation has been shaped by unique circumstances, including technological advancements, economic volatility and global connectivity, which have significantly influenced their values, behaviors and lifestyle choices.

Millennials grew up during the rapid expansion of the internet and digital technology, making them highly adept at communicating and processing information through digital platforms. This tech-savvy generation has driven significant changes in how people connect, work and consume media, leading to the rise of social media, the gig economy and streaming entertainment.

Economically, many millennials entered the job market during the Great Recession of the late 2000s, which has had long-lasting effects on their career paths and financial stability. This timing has often led to challenges such as higher levels of student debt and difficulties in achieving traditional milestones like home ownership and marriage.

Socially and politically, millennials are known for their progressive values. They prioritize issues like climate change, social justice and inclusivity. They are also more likely than previous generations to advocate for government intervention in areas such as health care and environmental regulation.

As millennials mature into key societal roles, their influence continues to grow, reshaping politics, culture and the economy. Their approach to life and work, including a preference for flexible work arrangements and a desire for a meaningful career that aligns with their values, is slowly changing traditional norms.

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Generation Z or iGen: Born 1997 to 2012

Generation Z, also called Gen Z, is the generation that grew up during the time of the Smartphone and social media; the impact is vast on their communication style, the way information is sought, and how they build relationships with others.

For one, Gen Zers have come of age during significant social, environmental and technological change. These shifts include global challenges such as economic inequality and political polarization, which shape the climate change worldview to be pragmatic and inclusive yet cautious about the future.

Technology is also where they totally embrace the digital age and easily merge their daily life with digital tools for learning, playing, and being social.

This is a very just and political generation; it is also an advocate. They spent their time mobilizing themselves via digital on issues of climate change, mental health, and inclusivity. Sometimes they are also aimed at driving grassroots and global changes so that they can actually make their presence in the world even better.

Generation Alpha: Born Between 2013 to 2025


Born in the 21st century, Gen Alpha is growing up in a world whose rearing is totally hooked on technology. Since infanthood, Gen A|phas seen the exponential growth of smartphones, tablets, and AI-driven technologies, hence this generation has emerged as the most technologically drowned in technology since birth.

Millennials are the main parents of Generation Alpha. As such, how millennials were parented and schooled has a great impact on the way they parent and educate their Generation Alpha kids. This intergenerational relationship places a lot of emphasis on inclusivity, care for the environment, and the use of gadgets either to socialize or learn.

With the deep penetration of sophisticated technology, it is more than likely to expect customized learning ecosystems and poetry online playing to be integral components of the developmental sequence of children born under the Generation Alpha umbrella.

Socially and culturally, Generation Alpha spends their formative years in a world which is globally connected and divergent in communities. Climate change and sustainability and social equity are some of the themes which are likely to define the educational and developmental discourses for this generation.

Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic has marked a significant portion of their early years in ways that were definitely profound for their schooling, social interactions and also their family dynamics.

Gen Alpha will grow up and further combine the physical and digital worlds, deploying technology in ways that will redefine their workspace, their entertainment and their social relationships. And by virtue of their size and timing, their future impact on cultural and technological and environmental progress could be immense when building upon the digital framework left for them by their elders.




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