Funny Pumpkin Carvings

It's Halloween time! The season to dress up and carve pumpkins is upon us. Since we get scared too much in this thing called life, we thought we would show and tell some funny pumpkin ideas instead of spoooooky jack-o'-latern designs. As these hilarious pumpkins are sure to scare up a couple laughs, a  sense of humour is required. With any level of crafting skills, anybody can transform any ordinary pumpkin into a whimsical jackolantern master piece. 

There's bound to be a jack-o-lantern on this list that speaks to you. From musical pumpkins, fashionable pumpkins to TV icon pumpkins and last but not least an appealing banana pumpkin, there are plenty of options to spark your creativity. 

Are you ready to get your hands goopy from all the pumpkin guts? 

Happy Halloween!

DJ Pumpkin

Halloween Songs

The Hipster

Taco Tuesday

 Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun

 Bert and Ernie

Silly Faces

Grab these free pumpkin face pieces and have fun making silly pumpkin faces with your toddler or preschooler! #toddleractivity #preschoolactivity #pumpkinart #fallactivitiesforkids

Punch in the Face Pumpkin

Brace Face

Halloween pumpkin with braces | Halloween pumpkin carving stencils, Cute  pumpkin carving, Halloween pumpkins carvings



Goofy Pumpkin

Banana Pumpkin



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