Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is June 19th! 

Is your dad your hero? Is he the coolest man you know? Well, now you can show him how great he is with these superhero-inspired gift ideas.

Super Dad Heat Reveal Mug

Every dad needs a mug to remind them they are yes indeed super. When you add a hot beverage to this mug, Super Dad is revealed. Super Dad Heat Reveal Mug is not only one of a kind but a cool gift as well for Father's Day and every day.

Superman Pint Glass

Any super beer loving dad needs a pint glass with the Superman logo. It is comes with a cape so they can fly away and get another one. This funny gift idea would make your beer loving dad super satisfied.


Man With A Pan Oven Mitt

To all the Ladies in da HOUZ...Y'all know,
behind every fabulous woman there's a Man with a Pan who will feed all you so watch out as he means business. If your dad enjoys flambé-ing things, you'll love the style. This is a super funny oven mitt to make humour out of Father's Day and everyday!  

Man With A Pan Oven Mitt

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