Farting – Funny Facts & Gift Ideas

fanny bank - farting piggy bank

fanny bank - farting piggy bank

Humans seem to become fascinated with farting as toddlers and begin to find the act of passing gas progressively more hilarious throughout their teenage years.

In fact, although adults have learned to control their facial expressions a bit more and do not laboriously discuss a fart that slips by occassionally, they can often be seen turning away to conceal a bit of a smile.

If the fart is particularly odiferous, as one would be after the consumption of cauliflower, shrimp, or eggs, it can quickly clear a large area of the room. For this reason, people should arm themselves with fart facts to ensure that they are not caught in an unenlightened state of farting ignorance.

Where did the word “fart” originate?

Although no one knows for sure who used this term for the first time, it is quite old.

Chaucer used it in print in 1386, and the term might have originally meant “blended.” Some of those blends prove to be strongly aromatic!

What was the greatest fart act of all time?

One French performer, Joseph Pujol, put together an act using the farting sound during the 1800’s.

He thrilled his audiences with sounds of a machine gun blast, thunder, well-known songs, and cannon fire using only the gas produced copiously from his own innards. He was a booming hit!

Currently, Mr.Methane proclaims that he is the “world’s only performing flatulist,” belting out musical “rearditions” for even the rich and famous.

How is it possible to create a fart on queue?

Some are probably wondering by now, just how to practice for an audition with one of the many fart shows in production.

Well, it is true that certain actions supposedly enhance the possibility of farting.

Gulping large quantities of air seems to help so chewing with the mouth open might work. Also, nervousness generally removes less air from the digestive tract so being in front of an audience will probably help.

Eating a copious amount of cabbage, corn, raisins or other gas producing foods allows the human body to build up more bacterial fuel for eventual emission.

Finally, consider performing at high altitudes, such as Mount McKinley, although each fart might freeze upon emerging, because lower pressure makes gas expand and will help the cause.

What is the normal range for fart production?

Everyone wants to be normal so it is important to know that average humans pass gas about fourteen times daily; however, masters of this feat surpass this number before breakfast each morning.

Actually, counting farts is a bit difficult because they often seem to run together in a strange rhythmic pattern.

What are the best farting gifts to share with friends on special occasions?

Everyone know that a fart machine of any kind can provide extreme comedy, but other funny gifts for a fart fanatic can be just as enthralling. One is a book called The Gas We Pass-The Story of Farts, by Shinta Cho. This is a manual with cartoons and illustrations that will be greatly informative to young, naïve readers.

Once educated about the facts of farting, they will surely be receptive to owning a Fanny Bank-Farting Piggy Bank. This unique receptacle for savings lets them place their pennies in the plumber’s crack in order to be rewarded with a magical farting sound.

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