Easter Is Nearly Here, Come Prepared


There are so many aspects of an Easter celebration that need to be considered, especially if you want to crack up your guests. Here are some of Danna Bananas' picks that will help people in the kitchen and keep them entertained and in a good mood for many Easters to come.

Below, you'll find some of our favourite choices that'll make your holiday better in a witty kind of way.

Jesus Pen

Pen that looks like Jesus

Jesus is as relevant as ever and means something different to everyone. No matter how you feel about Jesus, this heavenly pen will fill all your writing needs. And if you make a mistake, he'll forgive you!

Chicken Flingers

Little Chickens

There is nothing more that squawks Eastertime than itty bitty chickens soaring through the air up to thirty feet! Hunt for these kids! Stat!

Le Crock Coq Herb Infuser

Chicken Herb Infuser

Le Croq Herb Infuser

Does your Easter dinner usually lack flavour? This classic comedy rubber chicken will spice up your life. 😂 

Nested Measuring Cups

Measuring Cups

Despite the odd pile of snow around, it's technically spring, right? To get us excited, we’ll just think about warm temperatures, blossoms, and chicks 🐣 bursting forth from eggs, like the classic kitchen measuring cup, Nested. It can’t be long now, right? RIGHT?!


Egguins in a pot

The Egguins have migrated to their new habitat! It was a hard (boiled) journey, but they are able to scramble home for Easter. 🍳🐧

Boil, serve, and store eggs in the coolest way! Egguins are an egg-centric way to make any meal flippin' fun! 

Fried Chicken Socks

Chicken Socks and the bucket

Have you ever thought about having fried chicken for Easter? If so, we have the socks for you! And guess what? They come in a bucket too! 😂

Puppy Egg Mold

puppy shaped egg

What's cuter than an Easter Bunny? Puppy-shaped eggs! 😉 😂


Cluck This Shit Women's Ankle Socks

Cluck This Shit Women's Crew Socks

What do turkeys think about Easter? Cluck this shit! 😂

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