Earth Day Gift Ideas

Earth Day 2016

Earth Day rolls around every year on April 22nd. Even though one day is set aside for this recognition, we know everyday we should celebrate our great planet and be environmentally conscious.

Earth Day 2016

Here at Danna Bananas we believe in helping Mother Earth in every possible way. We not only use recycled boxes but we take great pride and shipping your orders in an eco-friendly manner. The material used to package your purchases is either re-used packing material from our wholesalers or recycled shredded paper from our appealing headquarters. We re-use as many of the boxes we receive from our wholesalers as possible and recycle the rest.

Earth Day Gift Ideas

We’ve put together a list of  unique gifts that are green and will lessen your family’s negative environmental impact on the earth. Maybe they can help you make some Earth Day Resolutions.

We all love Chinese food but eating with plastic chopsticks, you know where they will go…the landfill every time. Here’s an example of an alternative choice. How about switch to these re-usable, wooden chopsticks with ready to eat or beat ends.

Chopstick Drumsticks Hand

Why not make a statement with your shopping bag! Say goodbye to plastic and say hello to these stylish Reusable Shopping Bags! 1% of the sales of this product support global environmental initiatives.

Saving the Planet Shopper

We all know drinking from plastic bottles put a definite toxic strain on our earth. Here’s an example of an alternative, amusing choice. Move over plastic to these re-usable Stainless Steel Water Bottles.

Saving the Planet Water Bottle

With spring(wink, wink) around the corner means baseball season is upon us. Throw out the paper plate and opt for the reusable plate. No paints are used to color the plates: BPA, PVC, phthalate, and lead free. FDA approved materials.

Construction Plate


Happy Earth Day everyone! If you’re inspired to further your knowledge, surf on by the Earth Day site.

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