Danna Bananas Watched Stranger Things!

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I know I’m late to be on the Stranger Things bandwagon but during the summer, so many people asked, “Have you seen it? You will love it as it screams the 80s.” No” and “not yet”, I responded. Over the weekend, I broke down and watched the first two episodes. Without divulging too much or you probably know this already, it is a Netflix science fiction show that makes you contemplate and wonder what just happened. Based in a small suburban, US town in 1983, a 12 year old goes missing and from that point the story takes off.

I have to say casting Winona Ryder as the mom is an exceptional choice. I can’t say more about the three boys. Their spunk, goofiness and their mischievousness are bang on. Watching this show flashed me back to when I was a kid hanging out, biking and playing with my pals whilst getting into our own notorious shenanigans. Not mentioning the soundtrack would be an insult. Blood drips in the pool as a shadow looms over Barb and then the Jaws theme begins to play. The music is impeccable and is perfectly selected for each scene.

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What can I say, I’m hooked on this television show. Thanks everyone for suggesting this! With a touch of E.T., Goonies and Alien, there will be a definite thrill throughout this series.  I want to read more about this program but I am refraining myself as I don’t want to click on any spoilers until I finish the season but I’m glad I followed through with this link as it’s brilliant:

Stranger Things’ React to Classic Toys:



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