Come On Get Happy with these Novelty Gifts!

Come On Get Happy with these Novelty Gifts

Celebrate the International Day of Happiness with laughter and joy by indulging in these appealing funny gifts that are sure to tickle your funny bone and brighten your day. Whether you need birthday gifts, a Mother's Day gift, or a Father's Day gift, these unique gifts promise to bring smiles and giggles all year around.

Embrace the spirit of laughter and spread joy with these perfect tokens of affection:

1. Tits will make you happy: Calm Your Tits Bird Mug


 2. Colouring in a drag queens always makes me happy. Give it a try: Drag Queen Coloring Book

Drag Queen Coloring Book

3. Farts make us happy: because they break the tension and bring unexpected laughter, especially when kids are around. Silent But Deadly Card Game

4. If golfing doesn't make you happy: then these funny socks will. GOLF'S The Best. Golf Sucks. Golf's The Best. Golf Sucks Sneaker Sock

GOLF'S The Best. Golf Sucks. Golf's The Best. Golf Sucks Sneaker Sock

5. A peeing gnome can make you happy: because it adds whimsical charm and humour to your garden, bringing a smile to your face every time you see it. Peeing Gnome Self Watering Planter

Peeing Gnome Self Watering Gnome in a plant

6. Little naked people can bring us happiness: because their uninhibited state embodies freedom, authenticity, and acceptance of oneself and others, promoting a sense of liberation and joy. Mini Plant Pot Naked Ramblers

7. Let's face it, we don't learn everything in school: Things They Don't Teach You In School Hygge Board Game

8. A measuring glass featuring seven delicious cocktail recipes: guarantees to transform you into a mixologist. Don't forget, any beverage can become a mocktail. Cheers Good Measure Recipe Glass - Hangover

9. A Mister Rogers puzzle brings joy: by invoking nostalgia, warmth, and kindness from Mister Rogers' neighborhood, offering a relaxing activity that promotes mindfulness. Mister Rogers 1000 Piece Puzzle

10. Unconditional love: Puppy Egg Mold

11. The 80s brought happiness: through vibrant nostalgic music (Tears for Fears, Prince, Rush, Kate Bush, Duran Duran, Bananarama, Annie Lennox, Van Halen, Peter Gabriel, The Bangles, Boy George, Queen, etc.), pop culture, iconic fashion, and groundbreaking technological advancements, igniting excitement and possibility. Awesome 80s Board Game

Awesome 80s Board Game Box

A bonus: Popcorn's delicious taste, satisfying crunch, and connection to enjoyable activities like movie nights, Zoom meetings, or gatherings evoke feelings of comfort, nostalgia, and enjoyment. Popcorn Socks

Spread joy and laughter with these unique and hilarious gifts, perfect for any occasion.

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