Celebrate Valentine's Day The Old Fashioned Way!

"Let all that you do be done with love" -1 Corinthians 16:14

We need love more than ever as we are spread apart and keeping our distance.

Love is in the and will keep us together, don't you know.

Send your family and your pals some love the old fashioned way...snail mail. Last but not least, they are also perfect for your sweetheart. These Animated Valentine Cards with Envelopes are straight to the point, bright & jolly. They are designed to wow you with nostalgia and a retro vibe. 

There are eight different 4 to 6-inch tall Valentines with blank backs featuring classic art from the 50s as well as simple folds and rivets that give each card some kind of action. Cute, suggestive and puzzling all at the same time!  

Animated Valentine Cards with Envelopes

Animated Valentine Cards Set - Entertainment Earth

 "Vintage Valentine's Day cards are popular with collectors of ephemera, and they also offer insight into the values and fashions of bygone eras. Whether you are starting a collection or hoping to learn more about a valentine you already own, it helps to know a bit about where to buy these cute cards and the characteristics of each major style." Love To Know

Who wouldn't want to get this card in the mail.

Order yours today!


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