National Small Business Month

October is small business month but really we know it should be every month.ūüėȬ†

It is also Women’s Small Business Month.

Celebrate the important contributions that entrepreneurs of all sizes and genders make to Canada. Throughout this pandemic there has been a real surge to support small businesses in store and locally online as there has been an increased awareness of collectiveness and togetherness despite being socially distanced. Communities rely on small businesses because they are the heart beat of society. Supporting small businesses means contributing to the nation and the economic, social fabric of society.

‚ÄúI‚Äôve seen statistics that indicate there are 1.14 million small businesses in Canada employing upwards of 97% of Canadians,‚ÄĚ said Rosemarie Montgomery, Business Consultant with the Chatham-Kent Small Business Centre. ‚ÄúWe know that businesses come in all shapes and sizes, from the single person running it part-time to larger operations that employ a number of people. Locally, small business is a major contributor to our economy which is a great reason to shop local.‚ÄĚ

Small business owners are truly driven to what they do. They also play a huge role in supporting the economy of the country. So, when it comes to showing your support to them, it’s important that you help them stay in operation and gain revenue through your purchases. When you spend money on a small business, there are many trickled down benefits in your community.

1. They make a positive impact to the local economy

The spread of the global pandemic has undoubtedly affected the economy. We cannot stop this, but we can make a choice with our dollars to help local economies stay afloat and give small businesses a fighting chance to rebound when we emerge from our homes.

Growing companies, some that started in garages or coffee shops, foster eco-systems that enable other small businesses to thrive in their wake. Entrepreneurship inspires and facilitates more entrepreneurship‚ÄĒthink online curators, who amplify even more small brands, bringing their products to new audiences.

When you shop local, your dollars stay in the community and help local development.

In terms of local businesses, the impact is even more obvious. When you shop local, your dollars stay in the community and help local development. This is called the multiplier effect. For example, a restaurant buying ingredients from local producers uses a local insurance broker and hires a local design firm, building symbiotic relationships that help the whole business community prosper. 

2. They support communities and job creation

Small businesses, especially in the case of retail stores, are often major contributors to the community. ‚ÄúMain Street‚ÄĚ becomes a hub of activity, where stores, business associations, and local government¬†work collectively¬†to create and preserve the character of their town or neighbourhood. A deliberate focus on supporting local business helps drive up the appeal of the shopping area and attracts tourism dollars into the community. The effect has a positive impact on adjacent hotels, attractions, and tours.

A healthy presence of small businesses in communities also helps people learn on-the-job business skills, empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Small businesses also create local jobs. As of 2015, US small businesses employed 58 million people, or 48% of the private workforce. A healthy presence of small businesses in communities also helps people learn on-the-job business skills, empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs.

3. Online shopping can actually be greener than traditional retail

Buying goods online can be better for the environment than in-store shopping for one fundamental reason: With online shopping, a single truck or van can replace multiple car trips, by multiple households, to stores. 

When it comes to choosing local businesses or online businesses, helping the community means helping you, too. Whether it’s aiding the economy now or building a better world for future generations, small businesses are here for you. But first, they need a little support from you.

 Celebrate small business this month and beyond!

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