Back-to-Basics Outdoor Activities for Kids

Kid playing with a water gun

If you’re looking for something old-but-new to do with the kids, look no further. You likely already have all the supplies you need at home to enjoy some of these back-to-basics outdoor activities for kids.

Think of the summer memories you’ll make getting cozy in a tent or watching a movie under the stars.


Backyard Camping

What’s childhood—or adulthood for that matter—without some backyard time? If you’re not certain that actual camping with kids is your jam, having a test run in your own backyard will let you know if you’re ready to brave the great outdoors or if proximity to your own bed is still a must.

Weekday Hopscotch

Whether it’s the start of summer or the precious days are closer to the end, there is still a variety of outdoor games kids will be excited to play. But with this new take on an old-school game, the whole neighbourhood will be over at your driveway tossing, hopping, and learning the days of the week.

Koosh Double Paddle set

Ready to bring your outdoor fun up a notch? The Koosh Double Paddle Set is here to help! This awesome set comes with two paddles and one ball, ensuring hours of laughter and good times. Perfect for a family day out in the park or beach, your kids will love this 'quacking' good time. So don't delay - grab this set and get your family Kooshin' away!

Backyard Safari

What better way to enjoy summer’s hot and sunny days than with a homemade backyard safari adventure? With simple craft supplies and stickers, your explorers-in-training will love dreaming up a backyard jungle. Who knows what they’ll find…

Summer Snipe Hunt

What happens when you combine the ultimate campfire legend with a crazy scavenger hunt? The super imaginative Snipe Hunt. This not-so-true story will have every age group roaming around the cottage looking for the sneaky snipe bird—that is until the truth comes out.

DIY Backyard Water Park

Make a splash in your kids’ day and get them into the fresh air with these great water activities. From the Dinosaur Wiggle Wobble Splashy Sprinkler to the Unicorn Wiggle Wobble Splashy Sprinkler to spray bottles to sponges to a cool-down treat, with these DIY backyard water park ideas, your little soakers won’t be heading back inside any time soon.

Scavenger Hunt in the Woods

Have your kids been leaving clues for you to set up a homemade scavenger hunt, but you just aren’t sure where to start? Well look no further than this easy how-to guide from a mom who finally took the plunge. It’s the perfect birthday activity for kids on a cupcake-high.

Water Squirter Math Game

It’s no secret that kids love a break from homework and pop quizzes, but it’s no excuse to cut off learning altogether. With this backyard math game, you’ll keep their minds from melting away in the summer heat.

Family Outdoor Movie Night

Popcorn, check. Kids’ flick, check. Backyard ‘drive-in’ theatre, check. With in-theatre movie nights at a premium these days, why not create your very own backyard movie night for the kids? It’s a great way to end a summer get-together—while the kids are snuggled up in front of the screen, parents can finish up a glass of wine under the stars.

Apple Bag Toss

It’s true what they say, an apple-a-day does keep the doctor away—and in this case, the apple comes in the form of a fun craft and outdoor game. Creating your own apple bag toss game is a great way to get the kids geared up for apple season.

Catching Bugs

Snails, butterflies and worms—oh my! As your little explorers dig through the backyard and neighbourhood, why not equip them with some safe and friendly bug catchers so they can do some further investigation into these creepy-crawlies?

Outdoor Target Practice

Are you that parent who always said your child would never, ever play with toy guns or participate in any kind of shooting play? And then did you remember how fun squirtguns and water pistols are? These ideas for backyard target practice for water blasters will keep your kids busy before the water guns come out.

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