April Fool’s Day Foods

April Fool’s Day Foods

In honor of April Fool’s Day, we found these scrumptious-looking foods that pretend to be something they’re not. Surprise your family with these fun, delicious recipes — and have the last laugh.

Jello Eggs

There is nothing like a soft-boiled egg with a few pieces of bread to dip in the yolk. Only this time, there’s something a little different about the eggs! Get recipe from Oh Happy Day.

Fakin’ and Eggs

On April Fools’ Day, trick your family with a tiny breakfast that’s really a cleverly disguised dessert. Get recipe from Lick the Bowl Good.

Banana Dog

A healthy and fun snack for kids! Use jelly in a squeeze bottle for a more ketchup like experience. Get creative with more toppings if you wish. Kids will love to make these! Get recipe from Eats Amazing.

Meatloaf Cupcakes

A savoury surprise! Kid-approved meatloaf cupcakes are piped with mashed potatoes. Get recipe from All Recipes.


No, there isn’t raw fish in these Rice Krispies treats! Just good old-fashioned marshmallows, Swedish Fish gummies, and Fruit Roll-Ups! Get recipe from Kraft.

Hot Dog Cookies

Trick your family this April Fools’ Day with these sneaky hot dogs that are really little cookies! Get recipe from Serious Eats.

Rice Cream Cones

Ice Cream? Nope! Try these Rice Cream Cones instead! Get recipe from Parade.

Pizza Treats

Mama mia! Your kids can decorate each slice with their favourite “toppings” for a cute and crispy pizza pie. Get recipe from Rice Krispies.

Faux Fries

Grab little ketchup cups when you buy a soda. It really helps with the whole look of the fake fries! Get recipe from Sweet and Crumbly.

Grilled Cheese

This pound cake is sliced thin, grilled, then spread with frosting. Serve it up with candy berries, and “peas and carrots” and you’ve got a full lunch that isn’t really lunch at all! Get recipe from Tablespoon.

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