A Twist on Taco Night

A Twist on Taco Night

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Tacos are a surefire kid-pleaser and if you’re looking for a standout taco recipe, we’ve got 10 amazing twists on tacos! Make it a taco night! Kids can assemble and enjoy tacos for a fun-filled night in the kitchen. These fun tacos incorporate kid-favourite foods, from spaghetti to pizza, cheeseburgers and more!

Pizza Tacos
Give your tacos an Italian twist with these fun and addicting sausage pizza tacos. Get recipe from She Knows.

Waffle Tacos
Meet your favourite new breakfast, Waffle Tacos! Get recipe from Brit + Co.

Chili Dog Tacos
Here’s a playful twist on hot dogs in a bun. Use prepared chunky salsa and canned pinto beans for fast toppings that don’t skimp on flavour. Get recipe from Betty Crocker.

Taco Monster Mouths
Turn cheese slices, olives, and tomatoes into snaggle-toothed grins for these Monster tacos. Get recipe from Pillsbury.

Cheeseburger Tacos
When you combine two family-favourite dinners in one, the results are spectacular! Serve it up in just 20 minutes. Get recipe from Pillsbury.

Spaghetti Tacos
Inspired by an episode of a popular kids’ comedy TV show, these fun spaghetti tacos are fast and simple to make. Get recipe from Food Network.

Baja Fish Tacos
Try this fishy version of a Mexican favourite for a healthy meal idea that the entire family will love. Get recipe from Food Network.

Navajo Tacos
Navajo Tacos are a fun, easy and kid friendly meal that will bring a smile to you and your kids’ face! Get recipe from Rhodes.

Mini Taco Train
Want to show off your skills as a brilliant Mexican chef? Then create this kid friendly beef mini taco train recipe! Get recipe from Old El Paso.

Mucho Choco Tacos
Finish with a dessert taco! Creative and fun from the title to kids’ tummies, chocolate-covered taco shells are easy for kids to fill – no tipping! Get recipe from Old El Paso.


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