5 Ways to Socially Distance, Without the Diss

5 Ways to Socially Distance, Without the Diss

Need some coronavirus-friendly ways to greet industry friends and customers? Check out our tips for staying safe during the virus outbreak.

Practicing social distance is a great way to protect yourself from the risk of contracting coronavirus, but in an industry known for its warmth and affection, distancing oneself can feel a little… unfriendly. Not to worry, the Gifts & Decorative Accessories team is here to provide you some germ-free and coronavirus-friendly ways to greet industry friends, customers, neighbors and more.

1. The Elbow Bump

How to do it: Stand facing your partner and raise your elbow directly in front of your body, as if to begin a square dance. Lightly bump into your partner’s elbow.

2. Air High Fives

How to do it: Raise your hand high above your head and slowly bring it toward your partner’s hand. Stop moving a few inches a way from your partner’s hand to avoid making skin-to-skin contact.

3. The Simple Wave

How to do it: Raise your hand, with palm facing outward toward your partner, then shake it from side to side. For best results, pair the wave with a friendly smile.

4. Jazz Hands

How to do it: Raise both hands in the air, with palms facing outwards and fingers splayed. Wave energetically at your partner.

5. No-Blow Kiss

How to do it: Press your hand to your mouth and lightly kiss. Then, extend your hand out as if offering the kiss to your partner. Just remember to keep your mouth closed and don’t blow out any air as you do the greeting.

There you have it! With these no-contact greetings in your toolbox, you are now ready to socially distance yourself from others, without the diss. Not a fan of any of the greetings listed above? Keep in mind some alternative suggestions from our readers, including The Shaka, a standard surfer greeting, and the Namaste, a favorite greeting of Gift & Home ambassador Su Hilty. To do the Shaka, simply extend your thumb and pinkie finger into the “Call me, please” sign, and wag your hand back and forth. For Namaste, simply join both hands together, with palms facing inward, and give a slight bow of the head.

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