5 Ways to Keep Halloween Safe {2020}

5 Ways to Keep Halloween Safe {2020}

Pumpkin spice, trick-or-treating and scary movies. Oh, what a wonderful time of the year! Halloween doesn’t have to be ghosted, it may just look a little different this year. After a long summer of social distancing we understand that everyone is excited to jump into the holiday season. There are many ways you can celebrate this spooky holiday without compromising health and safety. Here are 5 fun Halloween ideas that allow your kids to stay safe while celebrating.

1. Reverse Trick or Treating

Some call this drive-thru trick-or treating while others just think of it as spreading some spooky holiday cheer. Whatever you call it, it’s a great time! Spend a day with the kids putting together favor bags. Along with some candy, choose from tons of favors like personalized chocolate barsspooky hand sanitizer, or a fun pair of sunglasses. Get creative with your packaging and put your treats in a personalized favor bagcandy jar or tumbler. Maybe play a spooky movie in the background or eat some traditional fall treats like caramel apples or candy corn while you work. Then, drive to your friend’s and family’s houses and gently toss them a treat bag! They will be able to enjoy the treats without visiting all the houses.

2. Eerie Outdoor Table Set Up

If your neighborhood is still having trick-or-treating, stay safe by setting out a bowl of treats at the end of your driveway accompanied by the scariest of decorations! Halloween yard signs are a simple yet spooky way to lure kids to your treats. Create the set of your own scary movie and turn your front yard into a graveyardAnimated Halloween decorations are always a great way to spook kids and parents while keeping your distance. Don’t forget to decorate the actual table with the treats on it with personalized Halloween centerpiecestable covers and Halloween tablecloths, and bone-chilling table skirts.

3. “Boo” Your Neighbors

You’ve been boo’d! This holiday tradition is a great way to keep the Hallloween spirits alive while keeping your distance. Here’s how it works.

  • Fill up 2 bags or buckets with candy and favors. Print out the instructions and a photo of a ghost to include in the package. You can find different versions of these printouts online.
  • Choose two neighbors that have not yet been boo’d. You will know who they are because they will NOT have the ghost print out in their window. When you think they aren’t around, or you won’t get caught, ring the doorbell and leave the goodie bag on their porch. Remember, don’t let them see you!
  • Hang the photo of the ghost in your window to show everyone you’ve already been boo’d. Soon everyone will have a ghost hanging in their window!

4. Haunted House Scavenger Hunt

If your favorite haunted house is cancelled this year, make your own! Combine it with the tradition of trick-or-treating and you will have a Halloween night of fun. First, decorate your house. Shindigz offers plenty of themes to make this quick and easy. Choose from a creepy carnivalbloody good time, or a haunted hotel. Then, hide candy and treats all throughout the house. Turn off the lights, turn on a smoke machine, and let the kids search for their treats in a scary setting.

5. Scary Movie Night With a Spooky Buffet

If you are looking for another fun way to celebrate while staying in, how about a creepy movie night with a gruesome buffet of Halloween inspired food? Before the scary (or not so scary) Halloween themed movie, have a spread of creative food ideas like hot dog fingers, spaghetti brains, dragon deviled eggs or a veggie platter spread out like a skeleton. Shindigz has all the tableware you need to make for a successful, frightful meal. Stock up on festive Halloween platesnapkinscustomized water bottle labels and cutlery. Enjoy, if you dare!


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