5 Boredom Busters to Practice Safe Social Media Distancing

5 Boredom Busters to Practice Safe Social (Media) Distancing

With people around the country and the world trying to practice safe social distancing and self-quarantine as we attempt to “flatten the curve” and reduce the spread of the coronavirus, a number of us are turning to social media to distract us from what’s going on in real life. Unfortunately, if you’re like me, it’s less distracting and sometimes more frustrating than I’d care to admit. I thought maybe we could all use some ways to socially distract while we practice social distancing. Here are 5 ways to distract (entertain/relax/enjoy) yourself that don’t include social media.

1. Read a Book

Hopefully you have a book or two laying around the house that you just haven’t read yet but if not, that’s ok. There are a number of resources that have been made available online. Check your public library website.

2. Exercise

If you’re like me, your monthly gym membership was debited the day before they announced that they were closing due to COVID-19 and you don’t have any gym equipment at home. So now what do you do? A number of gyms, trainers and various fitness programs are offering free online services right now.

3. Learn a New Skill or Craft

I won’t lie. I love getting crafty and I especially love when I can incorporate my love for the outdoors and camping.

  • Crafting – If you know anything of the military or the outdoors you know just how indispensable a length of paracord can be, particularly if it’s what’s known as 550 cord. It’s so much more than just a piece of rope. Unbraid a strand and you’ll find fishing line, brass wire, small strands of nylon rope, and a strand of waxed jute.
  • Learn to Draw – I am not much of an artist. In fact the best I can do is create abstract art with acrylics but if you’ve always wanted to learn to draw, what better time than now? Want to draw with the kids? Check out this Art for Kids channel.
  • Cook – Why not utilize what you have on hand in your kitchen to make a new dish for dinner? With apps like Supercook and Magic Fridge, there’s no excuse not to cook with what you have.

4. Deep clean the house – I know. I know. I can hear you groaning from over here. Believe me. I’m groaning about it too but what better time than now to dust all the nooks & crannies and sanitize those spots you might not normally think of? Here’s a room-by-room guide from Care.com to help.

5. Take a Nap – This may be my most favorite idea on the list. If you’re trying to practice safe social distancing and safe social media distancing, a nap is going to be your most low-energy-cost option. Sometimes, when the world is hard, curling up under a heap of blankets is just what we need.

However you choose to spend your time at home, I hope it is spent in good health. I know this is a scary time for us all but I know we will get through it together. Despite my occasional cynicism and jokes to the contrary, I believe in humanity and the good in people. We will come together in our most dire time of need and we will persevere. Stay well and happy social distancing 

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