2024 Kids’ Birthday Party Trends!

Each year, the expectations for children's birthday parties continue to soar. However, we're here to share a tip with you: Achieving a truly successful celebration is made simpler by integrating exciting and innovative elements that will captivate both your guests and the guest of honour. Think delightful food, memorable photo (Photo Booth - Photo Accessoriesopportunities, and exceptionally cool favours – covering all the bases!  

Don't feel overwhelmed! Spectacular parties are easily achievable when you have the right knowledge.

Personalized Themes:

"We observe individuals merging their child's passions to create a thematic celebration. These themes can centre around the birthday child's preferred movie (Movie Buff Mug), sport (Tabletop Curling Game) or activity (Tie Dye Kit), as long as it authentically reflects their personality!"

Parties centred around characters are particularly popular among younger children. Themes like Barbie, Little Mermaid, Super Mario Brothers, and superheroes (Justice League of America Magnetic Action Set) are in.

Barbie, may have been an icon in 2023, but she is expected to maintain her popularity into 2024.

When it comes to teenagers, anything centred around Taylor Swift (Giant Music Snob Men's Crew Socks) is a definite hit with the crowd. Additionally, there are several other notable themes gaining popularity among older kids. According to the trend, TikTok-themed parties, glamping gatherings, spa events (Calm Club Big Night In), and glow parties are becoming increasingly popular. Teenagers are embracing diverse themes, with neon parties continuing to be a major trend, and the introduction of inflatable clubs (Giant Swan Pool Float). Spa parties (Calm Club Big Night In) featuring facials and manicures remain a go-to option for teens, and interactive celebrations, in general, are expected to be widely popular!

Bold Decor with Plenty of Photo-Ops

"Children's parties are embracing vibrant colours, aiming to maintain a youthful, playful, and enjoyable atmosphere," says Luciano.

Two ways to infuse some of this vibrancy into any party? "Opt for balloon decor and customized floral carts, complete with personalized taglines and the guest of honour's name."

"The incorporation of stages or platforms adorned with abundant floral arrangements and personalized details enhances any backdrop, breathing life into any party theme."

Wow! "People are orchestrating experiences reminiscent of contemporary weddings in kids' parties. Extravagant seating charts, live entertainment, and content creators are becoming commonplace to ensure everyone shares the fun on Instagram and TikTok." Back in my day (March baby), it was a simple but fun activity( skating, bowling, swimming, ect.) with a home-cooked meal (with a cake made out of me with coins wrapped in brown paper) with about 9 or 10 kids. The party game was Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Freez, etc.

"Creating an Instagrammable event is particularly crucial for older kids. Teen parties in 2024 will be crafted around enjoyable photo (Photo Booth - Photo Accessories) experiences."

Bespoke Favors—to Wear or to Eat!

Regarding party favours, attendees are departing with impressively customized goodies and treats. In 2024, a trend towards personalized water bottles (I'm Saving the Planet What Are You Doing Stainless Steel Water Bottle) and bags (Paper or Plastic Neither Shopper/Colour Blind Shopper), vibrant sand pails with beach accessories, personalized sports jerseys, personalized donut (Pass the Donut Flying Food Frisbee) walls are anticipated.

Personalized favours that also serve as interactive activities are gaining significant popularity. Party favours often involve live pop-up shops featuring branded apparel, custom grab-and-go treats, candy walls, and do-it-yourself crafts (DIY Kit. Build Your Own Rocket Kit).

Big Guest Lists:

The scale of kids' parties is set to expand in 2024; people are opting to invite their child's entire class for celebrations, and the invitations are often extended to siblings as well. Parties will continue evolving into grand productions for sizable groups, moving away from intimate gatherings in general. There's more fun to be had! Parties are indeed leaning towards larger gatherings, driven in part by school requirements that mandate inviting the entire class or none at all.

This trend is particularly noticeable for milestone birthdays because 'Milestone' parties are now the new micro-weddings!

Interactive Food:

Food and drinks have become integral elements of your children's experience during your celebrations. There's a growing trend in the popularity of food carts, food trucks, and mocktails.

Interactive food and dessert carts are making a significant impact on food trends. Imagine sundae carts, cotton candy, churros, pretzels, wood-fired pizza, sliders, and a variety of flavoured French fries.

Innovative culinary offerings will continue to dominate the scene. From paint-your-own cookies (Hand In Hand Cookie Cutters) to create-your-own crepe bars and candy-inspired mocktails, the realm of food and beverages is becoming more fascinating.

Caterers are showcasing remarkable creativity and thinking beyond conventional boundaries.

Crafty, DIY Moments:

People are choosing craft giveaways. "Having some kind of game that entertains (Pencil Nose Game, or The Original Waterfuls Classic Handheld Water Game) kids during the party, can be taken home, and enjoyed further is a trendy party favour that remains timeless! For instance, at the Hot Wheels party, a paint-your-own car kit was featured. In a teen pool party, we distributed baskets filled with friendship bracelets, lip balm, sunglasses, and towels for poolside use and take-home enjoyment. Another charming idea is a design-your-own sunglasses craft—a delightful activity that allows kids to showcase their creative side!"

Whether it's a gift for the birthday child or a favour for the guests (Fart The Explosive Card GameSilent But Deadly Card Game or Unicorn Liquid Pencil Case) or DIY crafts (Sno-Art Kit) are currently all the rage. 'Crafty and interactive gifts are always a plus.'

Danna Bananas offers a variety of novelty gifts and funny gifts that will make any birthday party memorable. If you are looking for a unique birthday gift, you have arrived at the right place. Happy Birthday!

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