2022 kids’ birthday trend predictions

2022 kids’ birthday trend predictions

Our series of 2022 party predictions continues with one of the most important parties around—a birthday party. Specifically, a birthday party for kids! Who better to give us the scoop on all things trendy for kids’ birthday parties than Trish Healy, CEO & Founder of WonderTent Parties, Seri Kertzner, Chief Party Officer at Little Miss Party Planner, and Cassandra Katz, Founder of Cassandra Bette Events! Here are the trends they’re predicting for 2022.

What are some birthday party trends you think will be big for 2022?

Trish: I think we will see a return to big, fun experiences for kids (and adults) in 2022. The past few years have seen people really value the idea of having an experience at a party. Outdoor events aren’t going anywhere, especially for larger groups.

Seri: Electronics. Whether it’s a video game-themed birthday party or a scooter skate park party, kids are drawn to motorized items.

Cassandra: I think 2022 kids’ party trends will continue to cater to precautionary safety and financial measures. Safety trends include party-themed face masks (for both guests and staff), individually packaged COVID-friendly meals, individually contained crafts and socially distanced seating options (such as picnic blanket seating.) Financially conscious trends include using digital invitations since postponements are happening left and right. You can design your own or use a template, and it is very easy to communicate any changes or updates with guests via email. I think the trend of drive-by parties is a thing of the past…gathering with friends is so important for the soul as long as it can be done safely. 

Other trends I think we will continue to see are the use of adult-like themed petite furniture, balloon garland-dressed bounce houses and dessert displays with individually wrapped treats.

Are there new themes you see/hear people referencing for kids’ birthday parties?

Trish: For younger children (from 1–10) we’re seeing a lot of love for jungle/safari themes. Dinosaurs are still really big, and so is all the fun of having an enchanted garden party with a magical fairy theme. Festivals are always a popular go-to as well, and we’ve also got a feeling Baby Yoda will be sticking around for quite a while too. We also see butterflies and rainbow themes at the forefront of designs and color palettes. 

There’s definitely a move toward a little more sophistication for tweens and teens, and blush and boho themes remain supremely popular. TikTok-themed activities were also big this year, and we see that continuing, along with travel-inspired party themes like Paris. We also see a stronger push into dining and live music/DJs for older teens.

Photo-centerpieces will also continue to be big in 2022, which means more arches, more balloon walls and more inspiring Insta-worthy photo ops.

Seri: I think we’ll see a lot of sports themes as kids were watching more sports than ever while in quarantine. We are currently working on a basketball-theme party combined with Marvel—super cute!

Other new themes that we have heard about are neon, Space Jam, putt-putt, science and jungle.

Cassandra: We have had some requests for TikTok-themed parties and Pop It!-themed parties (which we did last summer). Our goal is to take a simple theme and make it unique for the client. For example, a Frozen party doesn’t have to be all glitter with explosions of Elsa and Anna. It can be chic by pulling decor elements like light blue and white gingham and marrying sophisticated decor elements with fun kid elements. 

Do unicorn and dinosaur parties still reign?

Trish: Unicorns continue to be popular, and we see this being complemented with the emerging rainbow and pastels trends. Mermaid parties are on the rise, and Barbie is having a bit of a resurgence. Whimsy and wonder will continue to reign with enchanted garden parties and Alice in Wonderland-inspired tea parties.

Seri: YES. Classics like dinos and unicorns will stick around forever! I think rainbows will forever be a theme as they are happy and joyful, as well as candy since it’s fun and colorful.

Cassandra: Yes. My first kids’ party of 2022 is a dinosaur theme. We are going to have all the kids dress up in dinosaur costumes that they can take home after. We are also going to have a massive dino-egg hunt. Last year we did a cute girly dinosaur party and the theme was Three-Rex. 

Are there trendy party favors? Go-to kid-friendly foods?

Trish: With the push toward more “experience” parties on the rise, we see party favors and activities combining, like fun activities the kids can create and customize at the party and then take home with them. 

It’s also all about custom apparel for older kids, from party-themed tees and hoodies to pajamas and sleepwear—squad gear for the win.

As far as food goes, we see individual grazing and candy boxes being popular. Cotton candy will make a big, deliciously sticky comeback in 2022, and for older kids, we see boba and ice cream bars as the go-to treats.

Seri: I asked my 9-year-old son what he thinks will be trendy party favors this year, and he says FIDGET TOYS! These seem to be a huge trend for kids these days. 

Cassandra: The biggest trend we have seen is the break-it chocolates/mallets filled with candy. Also, gumball machines and custom candy boxes are big since there is no more loose candy handed out due to Covid. 

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