11 Dog-Friendly Patios In Toronto To Check Out This Spring

11 Dog-Friendly Patios In Toronto To Check Out This Spring

The sun is shining, patios are open, and life is good. You know what’s even better than eating outdoors? Eating outdoors with your pup in tow. These amazing dog-friendly patios in Toronto are perfect for grabbing a bite with your furry friend. Whether they’ve got a great set up to keep your pooch nearby or even space for your dog on-site, these amazing joints are must-hits this spring.

Here are 11 dog-friendly patios in Toronto to hit this spring.


This Toronto joint is dog-themed, so it’s only fitting that it’s dog-friendly. The Queen East joint is known for its lengthy brew selection and incredible bottle shop. You can even get your paws on Black Lab Brew merch!

Where: 818 Eastern Ave


Although your pup can’t actually roam free at this joint, there’s still plenty of space for them to feel at home. The picnic table layout is perfect for humans, while the grassy patch is great for your pup. If you ask nicely, the resto will even give you a water-bowl to keep your furry friend comfy.

Where: 2125 Dundas St W


The grassy patch next to this lovely location is perfect for your pup. Stop by and indulge on all the incredible eats this spot is serving every weekend. The Liberty Village joint has all but perfect the art of brunch.

Where: 85 Hanna Ave


Coffee? Bar? This spot does both. No matter what time of day it is, you can head to this patio with your pup in toe. The spot also has some stellar snacks available to make your visit complete.

Where: 1173 Dundas St E


The dogs of both customers and staff frequent this gorgeous spot. Henderson Brewing is the spot to hit with your four-legged friend. Enjoy their incredible selection on deck opening starting today.

Where: 128A Sterling Rd


This Annex restaurant is best known for its incredible Mediterranean eats. The flavours served here are some of the best in the city. Plus, of course, your dog is allowed to hang with you when you’re out on the patio.

Where: 328 Dupont St


This Yorkville joint is officially opening its patio to the public this Thursday and we’re already pumped about it. Although your pup can’t join you directly on the patio, there’s plenty of seating right next to the fence. While you dine be sure to slip your pup pieces of your charcuterie all evening long.

Where: 100 Cumberland St


The word “dog” is in the title, so it’s only fitting your furry friend can join you here. Stop by for classic pub eats like burgers, fries, and brews. The joint is steps from Allan Gardens dog park, so stop by there when you’re done!

Where: 425 Church St


Coffee, cookies, croissants, canines. All the essential C’s, all in one spot. There are plenty of Jimmy’s Coffee locations scattered throughout the city, so be sure to double-check yours before showing up with your pup. When you do stop by, be sure to snap a pick with your furry friend. This joint’s always sharing their canine friends.

Where: Find your nearest location here


This Kensington Market joint is great for when you and your pooch are on the go. The quick-stop spot has easy eats and cheap drinks available all day long. What more could you ask for?

Where: 12 Kensington Ave


Settle in with your puppy at this local hangout spot. This dog-friendly patio serves tons of incredible eats, brews, and more. Plus, its gorgeous, rustic look is seriously a vibe.

Where: 100-171 Liberty St E

Grab that four-legged friend and enjoy all these dog-friendly Toronto patios today! There’s no better way to end your quarantine blues.

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