School's Out! 10 Fun Things for Kids to Do in Summer to Keep Them Entertained

Summertime can be a challenge for parents trying to keep their children entertained. With the kids home from school, the days can seem long and unstructured. To help, we’ve put together a Summer Survival Guide of 10 things for kids to do in the summer that are fun and engaging. From outdoor activities to educational projects, this list will help you find ways to keep your kids busy all summer.

1) Water Fun: Dinosaur Wiggle Wobble Splashy Sprinkler and Unicorn Wiggle Wobble Splashy Sprinkler

2) Go on a nature walk.

3) It's summer! Learn a new instrument in a way that accommodates your needs. I did! My plan is to take piano lessons on Zoom. I took lessons as a kid and went through the Royal Conservatory's schooling. Now that I'm an adult, I want to relearn on my childhood piano, which I inherited last year. I want to learn from the beginning in a fun, relaxing way, one note at a time. Maybe even learn something else by heart other than "Happy Birthday". If you choose drums (sorry, parents and guardians), the Desktop Drum Set will help you practice at home and won't take up a lot of space. 

4) Create a backyard obstacle course.

5) Make homemade ice cream. We like Banana Ice Cream! 😉

6) DIY rocket! DIY Kit. Build Your Own Rocket Kit is ideal to talk about science and space. 

7) Get crafty! Tie dying was a popular fabric trend in the 1960s, a symbol of free expression and the happy 😊 hippie era. The Tie Dye Kit will transport you back, but since it's so much fun, it will keep the kids entertained at the same time in this day and age.

8. Play soccer. Go to the park and kick a ball around or against a wall.

9) Have a movie night under the stars. Set up a movie theatre in your backyard or the park with the Smartphone Projector 2.0.

10) Have a picnic.




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