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Drinking Buddies - Wine Charmers

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The Wine Charmers Drink Markers will wrap themselves around your glass and ensure your night in is simply the best, identifying your drink and avoiding mix-ups. It's time for you and your friends to wine and dine with your favourite wine charmer. Whether it's Jack, Spencer, Freddie, or Blake accompanying you for the evening, these boys have all the charm to make you feel warm, fuzzy, and totally swooned. Muscles galore as they bicep-curl the stem of your glass.

  • Set includes 4 hunky drink markers
  • Jack, Spencer, Freddie or Blake

Common Questions

Does this come with a Plant? No. Do we look like a florist? We're a unique gift idea story.

Will my Mom Like This? Is it any better or worse than what you've done before? Exactly

Will my dad like this? Who cares?

How do I repair my relationship with my mother? Not with this gift.

How to Use

Really? Okay, Buy this plant holder, then while you wait for it to be delivered go buy a small plant. Put the two together. Voila, instant happiness.