Goat Yoga Party Game

Goat Yoga Party Game
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Goat Yoga Party Game

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Nothing improves downward dog like a goat standing on your back! Goat Yoga is the perfect way and the latest hilarious fitness phenomenon to loosen up your party guests, literally. The game comes complete with crazy cards that detail your pose or activity, a score pad and of course, an inflatable goat. The goal? Complete your goat pose in the most memorable way possible while keeping your inflatable companion in position.

Don't let the competition bleat you out! Can you become the Greatest Of All Time? Grab your mat, grab your gang, grab your goat and FIND OUT!

Whether you're partying with the kids or the crew, it's time to tame your inflatable friend while striking well-known yoga poses. Turn an evening sitting cross-legged on a mat chanting "Om" into a party of OMG hilarity with Goat Yoga - the game where inner peace takes a back seat to contortionist fun with an inflatable goat!

Included in the box (that looks like a rolled up yoga mat):

  • 1 Inflatable goat
  • 100 challenge cards
  • Score pad and pencil
  • Rules