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Calm Club Big Night In

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Send a gift of indulgence to someone you love or to yourself with the Calm Club Big Night. This is a gift set for cozy evenings. Just light the candle, slide your feet into the socks and savour a hot mug of something for an unparalleled night of calmness and relaxation while snuggling on the couch! The kit includes cozy wool socks, a patchouli scented soy wax candle, stoneware mug, padded sleep mask and a mindfulness puzzle. Treat yourself or someone who deserves a little pampering.

Calm Club kit includes:

  • Wool socks
  • Patchouli soy wax candle
  • Ceramic mug
  • Padded sleep mask
  • Mindfulness puzzle
  • Gift idea for her
  • Wellness Gifts
  • Self Care Gifts
  • Gift Set for Cozy Evenings
  • 100% Recyclable Packaging

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Common Questions

Does this come with a Plant? No. Do we look like a florist? We're a unique gift idea story.

Will my Mom Like This? Is it any better or worse than what you've done before? Exactly

Will my dad like this? Who cares?

How do I repair my relationship with my mother? Not with this gift.

How to Use

Really? Okay, Buy this plant holder, then while you wait for it to be delivered go buy a small plant. Put the two together. Voila, instant happiness.