Butchered - Butcher's Apron

Butchered - Butcher's Apron
Butchered -Butcher's Apron Picture
Butchered - Butcher's Apron

Danna Bananas


O.K. the Butchered Novelty Kitchen Apron may not be for the squeamish (or vegetarian really) as it's white colour is splattered with bloodied gore butcher print. It does embody the whole primeval ritual of meat loving folks grilling outdoors!

So, next time you are thinking about flipping some burgers or grilling some ribs, make sure you are properly attired!

-Apron 100% cotton apron with bloodied butcher print

-Dimensions: 33.5(H) x 25.6(W) inches/ 85(H) x 65(W) cm

-Made for meat eaters everywhere - not recommended for vegetarians