Unicorns and Urinals Game

Unicorns and Urinals Contents in the Box Picture
Unicorns and Urinals Game

Danna Bananas


The Dreamy and Dirty Word GameUnicorns and Urinals is the ultimate, naughty party game of guessing hilarious and strange word combinations in teams. A clue is given and a team member has to guess word pairs with the same letter...such as Christmas and cards or nuptials and nothing. You have one minute to get as many words as possible. It takes collaboration and quick wit. Like they say, you can lead a unicorn to a urinal, but you can’t make it pee. This game really takes the (urinal) cake!

Adult Card Game
4+ Players
Game play time: 20 minutes
Contents: -330 double-sided cards
1 sand timer
1 unicorn urinal cake
Game rules