Imitator Game

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Imitator Game
Imitator Game

Danna Bananas


Fun Family Friendly Card Game
The goal is to imitate a sound closely enough for another player to guess the right image. Guess correctly and you claim the image card. The first person to collect five image cards wins!

Game includes 12 number cards, 90 image cards and 12 number tokens
Packed in an eye catching take-anywhere metal tin
Recommendation: Ages 6 and up
Number of Players: 3, 4, 5, 6 or more
PAL Award Winner! Established by respected speech and language expert Sherry Artemenko, the PAL Award recognizes exceptional toys, games and books that, through their design, content, quality, and character, promote play that advances language. PAL winners in the hands of kids spark fun and creative play with lots of talk!