Saying Farewell to an Old Website/Goodbye to our Old Digs!

Hello friends!

Hey there. It's been a hot minute since I've blogged on Danna Banana's blogging platform. Let's begin by saying Happy Autumnal Equinox on this first day of fall!

I've been reminiscing about when Danna Bananas' present but old site was launched. It was 2008 when we were told by our Web Developer that there is a new open source ecommerce platform called Magento. We took his advice and migrated to this new platform. It was a great solution for our small business.

"Magento can create engaging, shoppable experiences with Adobe Commerce. See how our next-generation technology, global partner ecosystem, and extensions marketplace can breathe life into your business."

As Magento offered so many new features, we were glad we chose this ecommerce platform. It helped us bring Danna Bananas to the surface and grow. For these qualities and more, we loved you as we had some great times together.

It was fifteen years ago today that the Danna Bananas journey began!  Before we transition into our new chapter, just want to say So Long, it's been a blast Magento and thanks for your shelter!

Let's go down memory lane with our very first blog entry.

Our First Blog Entry, November 9th, 2008!

Welcome to the New and Improved Danna Bananas! We have many new site features to make your shopping experience even better:

1. Flat Rate & UPS shipping
2. A more searchable site
3. Wishlist
4. Email a friend
5. Compare products
6. Review the product
7. Share the product
8. Community poll
9. FAQs
10. Our Blog
11. We have also added new products to our fun and wacky arsenal - & many more to come...that are sure to get a lot of laughs!


The wait is Oh So Over- So Come On In!



Danna Bananas




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