Hard to Find Gag Gifts to Surprise Mom This Mother's Day

10 days 'til Mother's Day. Yep, 10... and you're probably racking your brain trying to think of the perfect gift for the woman who gave you life, changed your diapers, and somehow managed not to sell you to the highest bidder during your angsty teenage years. Let's be real: no amount of wilted gas station carnations or chalky drugstore chocolates can truly repay the debt we owe our moms.

This year, ditch the clichés and surprise your mom with a gift that's as unique as her ability to remove stubborn stains and guilt you into eating your vegetables.  Head over to DannaBananas.com, where you'll find an array of one-of-a-kind funny gifts that will make your mom laugh uncontrollably. Whether it's a singing bass novelty plaque (sorry, we don't sell this) to liven up her living room or a pair of hilarious novelty socks (we do sell these) featuring your baby photos, Danna Bananas has got you covered with unique gifts for mom. Who knows, you might even find her the perfect gag gift, like a giant gummy python ( how about a bear?) or a life-size Bigfoot statue (we don't sell this either), to really bring some fun and laughter into her life.

The Super Mum Mug - Finally, a mug befitting of your mother's superhuman abilities. This mug is reinforced with vibranium and titanium alloy, because let's face it, your mom is stronger than the Hulk. The heat-resistant exterior can withstand her blazing laser-beam eyes when you've disappointed her yet again. The is lined with a banter-deflecting forcefield to protect her from your terrible jokes and snide remarks. And the handle? Designed to comfortably fit your mom's hands that can simultaneously cook a gourmet meal and deep clean the house. Holding 350ml of her favourite caffeinated fuel, this is the mug that will finally allow your mom to take on the world (or at least the mountain of laundry you leave around the house). Moms are the real superheroes!

Wonder Woman Apron - Forget hanging up your cape when you enter the kitchen - this Wonder Woman Apron lets you keep being a superhero while whipping up amazing meals. With this iconic apron, you'll deflect any splattering food villains trying to ruin your outfit using your indestructible bracelets of submission. The built-in lasso of will force your family to finally admit that, yes, your cooking is better than grandma's. The fabric is reinforced with Amazonian armor; making it impervious to any grease, sauce, or stains. When you need a break from saving the world, you can quickly transform this apron into a cape and take it to the skies (or at least hover a few feet off the ground if you've eaten too many slices of pie). With this apron, you'll not only look fabulous, but you'll be prepared to serve up justice and delicious meals!

Here Comes Cool Mom Women's Socks - Instantly upgrade your hip factor. These novelty socks scream I'm too groovy to be a regular mom, I'm a cool mom. Whether you're chauffeuring the crew to soccer practice or crashing your kid's house party, these socks let everyone know you're the raddest mom on the block. The vibrant colours and funky patterns are the perfect complement to your sweet dance moves (and will distract from your embarrassing dad jokes).

Archie Love Triangle PuzzleThis Mother's Day, indulge your mom's soap opera cravings with the Archie Love Triangle Puzzle. She can spend hours untangling who this casanova should choose - Veronica who showers him with gifts, or the sweet girl-next-door Betty, who bakes. With Archie's signature bewildered expression front and center, your mom will get a kick out of his hapless romantic struggles.Of course, we all know Jughead is the real catch who will inevitably swoop in and steal Archie's leftovers thanks to his effortless cool guy charm. At least your mom can take comfort in the fact that you've never been quite that oblivious when it comes to dating! This is a fun puzzle to keep her entertained and spare you from another lecture about why you're still single. After all, on Mother's Day you want her laughing, not criticizing your life choices!

Welcome To My Cooking Show! Oven Mitt - Step into the spotlight of your very own kitchen. This is not just a mitt, it's your ticket to culinary fame (or at least to not burning your hands). Perfect for those Julia Child-inspired moments when you accidentally fling a chicken across the room - just smile, wave, and remember, Never apologize! Whether you're a Michelin-star chef in your mind or just trying not to set the salad on fire, this oven mitt adds a dash of humour and protection to your cooking escapades. Let the show begin!

I Love You MugTell your mom "I love you" every morning with this ceramic reminder of why she deserves hazard pay. This mug provides ample room for that extra bit of mommy juice to deal with your endless shenanigans. Because even if the words never leave your lips, this mug passive-aggressively says what you really mean - "Thanks for putting up with me, mom. I love you from the bottom of my heart."



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