Turkey Leftover Recipe Ideas

Inflatable Turkey- Danna Bananas

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Turkey Leftover Recipe Ideas

This past weekend was a long one because we celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada. On that note, Happy Post Thanksgiving if you are Canadian.  It is likely most people devoured or close to it: A ‘Gobble Gobble’ Turkey. The chances you have leftovers are pretty good, I would assume. In our household, we ended up buying a 18 pound bird for three people instead of receiving a smaller size in which we originally ordered. Oh well…on the flip side there was more for us and that means a lot of turkey leftovers to come. Instead of warming up the usual turkey dinner for a week, how about switch it up and try some new turkey recipe ideas to stuff yourself? And remember leftovers can be kept for three to four days in the refrigerator.

From classic turkey soup made with homemade stock, to a pot pie and gorgeous cranberry pudding — the leftovers can be nearly as exciting as the main event.

Using up the remains of a big holiday dinner doesn’t have to be a chore. From turkey casserole to turkey soup, a creamy risotto, or stacked-up sandwiches filled with all the trimmings, with the right inspiration, leftovers can be downright delicious. Try these leftover turkey recipes.


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