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This week kicked my holiday spirit in full throttle as Santa Claus is coming to town. Leading up to Halloween and viewing haunting YouTube videos, ignited my creative juices into thinking why not start a weekly post with some of my favorite things.

The Schpeel will feature some of Danna Bananas favorite links of the week. I will share links that have impacted me, make me chuckle and are just neat fun.

Life’s pleasures need to be always recognized.

Ready to be inspired? Scroll down for the best of our bookmarks for this week. Danna Bananas has sought out some of the internet, noteworthy favorite links of the week.

1. Putting up Christmas decorations early can make you a happier person, experts say:

 Inflatable Wreath

 inflatable wreath danna bananas


 Inflatable Mistletoe

 inflatable wreath danna bananas


 Inflatable Christmas Tree

 Inflatable Christmas Tree


2. On the flip side, a new study suggests Christmas music can be bad for your health:


3. Your holiday breakfasts have become sweeter. Elf on a Shelf cereal is coming to stores for the holidays:

Image result for elf on the shelf cereal

4. Danna Bananas’ sells Elf On The Shelf realated toys too:

  Elf On The Shelf Musical Hide and Seek Game

 Elf On The Shelf Musical Hide and Seek Game Elf On The Shelf danna bananas


5. This bride swapped blooms for barks with this charitable idea to raise awareness for a local animal charity…Adopt instead of Shop:

Image result for bride gets her maids to hold puppies instead of flowers

6. Did you know the first selfie was actually taken in space by Buzz Aldrin on the Gemini 12 was a 1966 ? 

Image result for buzz aldrin first selfie small image

7. Three billion birds have been lost in North America since 1970:

8. So cute…this 10-week-old rescue dog has a tail-like appendage growing out of its forehead.




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