The Canadian Native Flag

Canada Day has come and gone. For many, saluting this day is a grateful reminder to reflect and commemorate the nation’s birthday and its beauty. For some, Canada Day should be cancelled as its colonialist and racist past should not be ignored. Canada was built on stolen land, a place we all call home. Perhaps, many people are unaware of this actual history and should be reminded.

As we are thankful and fortunate to live in a country with the freedom of speech and expression, we need to admit Canada’s past mistakes and understand the truth and continue to do work before reconciliation is possible.  As Canada is accepting to all, spaces can be provided so these conversations can take place.

As both parties want to believe and respect their views, this flag was designed by Kwakwaka’wakw artist, Curtis Wilson who bridges the two thoughts with his creation:

“His design for the flag is meant to represent First Nations in Canada to the public. We hope this flag brings a better understanding of the First Nations of our country and a vision for a unified Canada that still revels in its diversity.”

Canada Daly




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