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The Best Soup Recipe To Try This Week, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Soup Recipe To Try This Week, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This time of year is synonymous with one particular dish to us: soup. And though we’ve got our standby favorites, sometimes it’s nice to add a fresh new recipe to the mix. What better way to pick a new recipe than to turn to our zodiac signs? After all, we check in on our horoscopes regularly enough for clues about how our days will go, so why not apply that process to picking a recipe to make this week!

Aries: Roasted Tomato Soup

For fiery Aries, this roasted tomato soup is a perfect fit. It has only three primary ingredients, but it packs a serious punch when it comes to the final product. The leeks and chicken stock add depth of flavor to the two varieties of roasted tomatoes.

Taurus: Chicken Zoodle Soup

For this stoic sign, it’s all about classics that will warm them from the inside out—but that doesn’t mean they’re going to skip looking for a healthy option. This keto-friendly take on a classic chicken noodle employs zucchini noodles along with all the traditional ingredients, for a health-conscious favorite that you can make again and again.

Gemini: Spiced Cashew Coconut Chicken Soup

For an outgoing sign like Gemini, it has to be something with a bit of spice—but that doesn’t mean they want to leave tradition completely in the past. This multifaceted chicken soup is an elevated version of the classic. It adds the richness of coconut, some texture from cashews, and a punch of flavor from ginger and garlic but doesn’t require a ton of work.

Cancer: Vegan Broccoli-Cheddar Soup

Arguably the coziest of the zodiac signs, Cancer will look for a soup that reminds them of fond memories and maybe indulge them in a little bit of luxury. That’s why this vegan take on broccoli “cheddar” soup is perfect for this sign: It’s an update on a classic that still maintains the integrity of the original.

Leo: Pumpkin, Saffron & Orange Soup

Leos love a bit of drama and luxury, and this inflammation-fighting soup from Yotam Ottolenghi uses the flashiest of spices—saffron—with pumpkin and orange for a golden-hued final product that will make any night at home feel fancy.

Virgo: Cauliflower Stem Soup

For a creative thinker like Virgo, a soup that also helps cut down on kitchen waste seems like a no-brainer! This curried cauliflower soup doesn’t skimp on flavor and takes advantage of an oft-tossed part of the veggie: the stems—saving space in the compost pile and stretching the value of your shop.

Libra: Miso Soup

Clever Libra is going to hope for dinner with benefits, and a miso soup is an über-flavorful and gut-healthy option. Starting completely from scratch by making your own seaweed dashi, like in this recipe, means you’ll have a super-flavorful final product.

Scorpio: Black Bean Soup

Scorpios are known for being brave, but that doesn’t have to extend to the kitchen. This black bean soup may not be too wild, but it’s a good, honest, healthy meal—exactly what it’s supposed to be, but it can be dressed up with toppings like avocado, fresh greens, or lime juice.

Sagittarius: Lentil Chili

This sign’s natural optimism means they’re willing to try just about anything—including exploding lentils, which is the key to the true-to-chili texture of this soup. An otherwise classic recipe, it’s also a likely crowd-pleaser: Make it for family or roommates or just for yourself.

Capricorn: Butternut Squash & Parsnip Soup

For practical Capricorn, fussing with a ton of ingredients isn’t going to be an option: instead, you’re best off going for a simplistic—but still nutrient-packed—recipe like this butternut squash and parsnip puréed soup, which features extra nutrients thanks to mindbodygreen’s organic veggies+ greens powder.

Aquarius: Farro & White Bean Soup

Independent and idealistic, Aquarius should pick an option that’s, quite simply, full of healthy ingredients from every angle. This vegan soup packs in ancient grains, plant-based protein, and leafy greens—a trifecta of nutrient-dense ingredients, all wrapped up in a tasty broth.

Pisces: Root Veggie Soup

By nature, Pisces are adaptable—and in the kitchen, that probably translates to focusing on seasonal veggies. This root vegetable soup uses all the best produce of this time of year to make a simple, but truly tasty, meal that will fuel a long day of creative endeavors.

Letting our mood, or personality, dictate how we cook may seem a little bit of a stretch at first, but when we really think about it, our food choices can play a big role. in our mood—so why not lean into your natural tendencies with an astro- or Enneagram-inspired suggestion?

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