Sarcastic October Awareness Month!

Let them know this Sarcastic October Awareness Month that you have no hard feelings!

You may have heard that October is Sarcasm Awareness Month, so you should be aware that in this post we are going to be sarcastic! As you can imagine here at Danna Bananas, it is a time to celebrate everything with an ironic twist and find laughter everywhere! It is a great time to turn that frown upsidedown and find a sarcastic gift to improve negative situations. Such as, a pair of I'm a Delicate Fucking Flower Crew Socks.

You are in love with that special someone that you just fought with, you reach out for your dear in kindness and they react to you like this: 

But you appreciate him or her, right? Why not break the ice and make light of the situation and cook a meal from a 100 Ways To Eat Cock Recipe Cards.

Leonard Cohen said it best, "But there were so many people you just had to meet without your clothes" so why not send them on their merry way with a guide to help them find someone new. No hard feelings from you!

Cards that teach you to say I love you

If you are on your own this sarcastic October, you have likely been on the dating scene before, but maybe you are happy to WFH alone in your Pjs. Your significant other is indeed a cat–I'm not here to judge! 

 Over 40, crazy cat lady

How about a gift to warm your heart? Such as our Presidential Pets Mug.

A mug with all the president's pets.

If, as of this October, you are newly on your own, because you found out your boyfriend was a jerk, relieve your stress by taking it out on the F**kboy Stress Toy.

A boyfriend to relieve your stress

Alone as you are, you may want to keep a record of your important thoughts, ideas and artwork for all time as you journal in the Etch A Sketch NoteBook.

A note book that is shaped like a Etch A Sketch

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