National Pet Day

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National Pet Day is today, April 11th. It dedicates the day to those pets who may not always get the companionship and attention pets deserve. While loving our pets is something we do every day, the observance encourages helping out orphaned pet companions. It will improve their health and enhance their opportunities for adoption.

Sometimes their human companions aren’t well.  Making sure their forever furry friends are receiving the best of care will help relieve stress and worry.

National Pet Day is an excellent time to do a few checks for your pets.

  • Go through your furever family member’s toys. Throw away any items that are no longer safe.
  • Maintain your pet-friendly home. Keep cords and toxins secure from your four-legged friends. This includes phone chargers.
  • Verify when vaccinations are due and schedule an appointment to update if they are due.
  • Check collars to ensure tags are secure and numbers are current. We sometimes forget to update this information when we move or change numbers.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalPetDay

  • Take supplies to those pets in shelters.
  • Help a friend with pets who is recovering from an illness.  
  • Adopt a pet.
  • Give your pets extra love with a bath and rub down.
  • Use #NationalPetDay on social media.


Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert & Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Paige founded the day in 2005.

Q. What are some of the responsibilities that come with having a pet?
A. Pet owners know that some pets require more attention than others. However, each pet deserves to be given proper care and attention. Some requirements of pet ownership include:

  • Feeding pets according to their needs. Most pets (like dogs and cats) usually need to be fed twice a day. Other pets may require more or less frequent feeding.
  • Access to freshwater.
  • A safe place to rest.
  • Daily exercise.
  • Routine checkups, vaccinations, and medical care when sick.
  • Love, affection, social interaction.
  • Training.
  • Grooming

Q. Is National Pet Day just for cats and dogs?
A. No. All our loveable pets can be celebrated on National Pet Day!

National Pet Day on April 11

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