Movember Gift Guide


Movember Gifts/ Gifts for Movember Supporters

Movember 2019 is Here!

Movember Gift Guide

Did you hear the big fuzz Mobros and Mosistas …November is here which means put away your razors and let your hair grow in and grow that moustache. It’s time to raise money for prostate cancer and raise people’s awareness about men’s health issues as cancer sucks the big one.

At the end of the month before we shave off our mustaches, we want to plan a celebration and honour your growth achievements.  We can celebrate our manly or womanly (women can participate too) endeavors by having a big party! If you are looking to have your very own Movember themed party then Danna Bananas is the place to find your Novelty Mustache Party Favours in our Movember Gift Guide.

You will want to celebrate your great growth efforts with some celebratory spirits.

This cool Mustache Ice Cube Tray will fit right into your Movember themed party and keep your drinks stylish and on trend.

Mustache Ice Cube Tray for Movember

Party games make parties more fun and memorable. It’s like Barrel of Monkeys but with staches! For the win,  how about a moustache themed game called Bucket Of Moustaches?

Bucket of Moustaches Game for Movember



As for some party food, make a batch of  Munchstaches Cookies. Mustaches aren’t usually tasty but the Munchstaches Cookie Cutters will change your mind and sweeten up the night even more. When your cookie dough is rolled out, stamp them with one of these five different kinds of mustaches: “The Wooford”, “The Imperial”, “The Walrus”, “The Bristle Brush” and the “The Baron”.

Mustache Cookie Cutters for Movember

Of course when you are planning a party, you need to decorate and Stache Up things up a little! The Great Moustaches Magnet Set will attract some hair raising attention. Add some mustachio pizzazz to your photos.

Moustache Magnet Set for Movember

Thank you for supporting this worthy cause and growing a moustache for 30 days of November in order to raise awareness of men’s health issues. If you can’t grow one, you can always don a moustache to show your support.  Participants collect donations from family, friends or work-mates for their efforts. You can find information and participate at Movember Canada.

Get growing! Remember Danna Bananas has Movember Gifts & Merchandise for your support.


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