Introducing...Danna Bananas' Brand New Website!

Wowza ready for some Big News! We are so excited to officially announce the launch of our new website -! It has the same name but different look...introducing the new Danna Bananas 2021!

🎈🎉But first let's give a round of a applause to our first love. Danna Bananas 2008 is unforgettable. Yes, we’re moving onto pastures new but we know we wouldn’t be who we are today without you. We will think of you from time to time, and we’ll smile to ourselves and remember the good old days.

A website should be updated to take advantage of changing technology and design best practices. You gave us a solid and lucky thirteen years. For that, we are forever grateful for all the Magento Developers who kept it running and secure.

With the launch of our visually appealing website, we’d like to say goodbye to Danna Bananas' Magento farewell and thank you for your years of service. We will miss you!

Over the past 14 months, we have been building a new website with copious amounts of updated features and a modern innovative design. 

Danna Bananas' user-friendly website is packed with today's online shopping features(responsive website, customer reviews, free shipping, safe and secure online payment system).

Woo hoo we are ecstatic it is finally completed and happening despite the delays!

During this transition, there may be temporary interruptions to our site, and we appreciate your patience. ⁠

Head on over to our new and improved website at and have a look around as we created this site to showcase our fun and unique gifts!⁠



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