Ideas for Rainy Day Fun When You’re Stuck Indoors

Ideas for Rainy Day Fun When You’re Stuck Indoors

It’s raining, it’s pouring. It makes us wish we were back in bed, snoring.

Alas, the day moves on despite the weather. And while we know you’ve got great contingency plans for what to do with the kids when these days arise (puddle splashing, anyone?), there are also those last-minute moments when suddenly the clouds appear out of nowhere and you’re left going “Now what?”

If you’re still struggling to come up with creative ideas on how to keep the kids occupied, we’ve got a couple to share.


Is your game cupboard full to the brim yet? Board games are still the perfect way to connect. Even if you think your kids won’t be into it or if they are (ever so slightly) fatiguing of family games night, here are some new and maybe new-to-you family board games to try. There’s everything from potty humour to sequencing strategy, so at least one of these will be a hit.


There’s nothing quite like the simple fun that comes from busting out a deck of cards and sitting around the table with your kids for family game night. Board games are always lots of fun, of course, but cards offer the opportunity to take your game on the road, whether you’re packing light for a family camping trip or bringing along backup entertainment for a rainy weekend at the cottage.

Of course, Go Fish and Uno are tried and true favourites, but having these kid-friendly card games on hand just might turn your baby sharks into card sharks.


Even if the biggest ingredient you’ll need to have on hand is patience, getting active in the kitchen will keep everyone busy with (hopefully) delicious results!

Bad weather makes us want to comfort eat anyway. Might as well earn your treats by baking them yourselves. Baking with kids requires patience, yes, but you might inspire a new hobby or passion and even encourage picky eaters to expand their palates. Here are some easy recipes for baking with kids.


Yes, we know we’re all getting sick of screens or, conversely, trying to keep our kids off of them when they don’t have to be. But a rainy day is the perfect excuse to hit the couch and turn on the larger screen in your house. This list of family movies to watch again and again is a good place to start. Sharing an ongoing list of the best family movies will help avoid the battle over the remote.

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