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Hey we know the feeling. As much as we love 'em, it's certainly a full-time job keeping them happy, healthy and entertained. That's where some games and toys can go a long way. But it's not ALL fun and games. Keep those little minds busy with some educational STEM activities too. By the way, have you thought about Christmas gifts yet? We have lots of unique gifts your kids will love, especially the "big kids"!

Things To Do with Kids in Toronto

Thanks to our friends at Help We've Got Kids for the shout out. They really have an outstanding content directory for Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area to help keep those little ones happy and busy. We'd be helplessly bored at home without them.

Parenting 101 ;-)

We'll leave you with a couple of our own kid tips!

  1. Kids need to eat well!
  2. Kids should drink lots of water!
  3. Kids need to exercise!
  4. Kids need to play!
  5. Kids need to have fun!
  6. Kids need to learn!
  7. Kids need to laugh!
  8. Kids need to love!
  9. Kids need to feel loved!
  10. Kids need to know they matter!
  11. Kids need to feel safe!
  12. Kids need to be happy!
  13. Kids need to be challenged!
  14. Kids need to eat their vegetables!
  15. Kids need to go to bed early!
  16. Kids need to brush their teeth!
  17. Kids need to get enough rest!
  18. Kids need to play outside!
  19. Kids need to learn how to share!
  20. Kids need to listen to their parents, family, friends and educators!
  21. Kids need to do chores around the house!
  22. Kids need to take care of themselves!
  23. Kids need to keep their room clean!
  24. Kids need to be respectful!

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