Halloween Costumes

The season of the spook will be creeping up before you know it.

When Halloween rolls around, you want to be prepared with all things scary and fun. Good news Danna Bananas has you covered with Halloween costumes, Halloween novelties, Halloween decorations, Halloween decor and spooky gifts. We have sourced out fun, unique and novel gift ideas that will get you in the mood for this Halloween season.

Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids:

Searching for Halloween costumes for your kids or your baby is an overwhelming task as you never know what they want to be. Considering the mass amount of varieties available nowadays of costumes, the struggle is downright real as there are so many choices. Here are some possible costume ideas that your child could rock this season:

 Jack-O-Lantern Baby Bodysuit

Give new meaning to “my pumpkin”.

jackolantern Baby Bodysuit

Jack-O-Lantern Baby Onesie- Danna Bananas

 Gingerbread Baby Bodysuit

A gingery, spicy costume idea for your wee one.

Ginger Bread Baby Bodysuit

Ginger Bread Baby Onesie

 Princess For the Day Inflatable Crown

All little girls want to feel like is a princess and this bright pink crown makes it official. Simply blow it up, place on her pretty head and crown them as “Princess for the Day”.

princess-for-the-day-crown- Danna Bananas


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