Getting schooled: Considering at-home child programming this summer?

Getting schooled: Considering at-home child programming this summer?

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Summer 2020 is presenting childcare challenges like we’ve never imagined. As all levels of government roll-out their re-opening plans, day camps and overnight camps have been doing their best to remain positive and hopeful for some form of normalcy.

As parents, we are forced to wait and consider our options. That is why a group of parents have started this free Backyard Camp email newsletter. You’ll receive daily and weekly emails to help you run your very own camp-like program all summer long. We also started a Facebook page and group, so the parent community can stay connected and share advice.

Our free newsletter is for all families, whether you have a backyard or not. The ideas you’ll receive will be fresh, fun and simple, and the cost of materials will be minimal. We’ll help you plan and organize activities to fill your days and weeks.

Whether you are considering organizing your own programming or hiring someone to supervise, the Backyard Camp daily and weekly newsletter will provide important details and loads of activities to guide you all along the way.

Sign-up for our newsletter to receive timely and relevant information in the lead-up to the start of summer, and new ideas daily throughout July and August.

Together, we can keep our children occupied and having fun!


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